How EditorX produces code without loss of accuracy


Editor X was designed from day one to both provide a pixel perfect drag and drop editing experience, and to output modern CSS based layouts that are fluid, responsive and make sense. Today it’s the only website creation platform combining both of these traits.

Workspace & Stage

Considering a whole new responsive editing experience, we set ourselves the following goals

  • Editing on a live CSS driven preview (with the possible exception of dynamic behaviours like interactions and animations).
  • Allowing for any number of viewport media queries to be managed with maximal freedom.
  • Letting the stage…

Some thoughts about the hidden costs of remoting, deep into the new reality

Our story

The Editor X company in the beginning of the crisis

March 2020 caught us in a pivotal moment. We concluded an intense year of building the group and creating a whole new site creation platform. We opened the Editor X closed beta and started interacting with early adopters. Our key challenges and goals were focused on stabilizing our platform and preparing it for an open beta release, and building a group structure for the next couple of years. Mandatory social distancing forced us to reconsider all of that. …

Mor Philosoph

Longtime product enthusiast, disrupting website creation in, since 2014. Currently as head of, the advanced creation platform.

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